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We are fully aware that not every person is able to raise support and step into full time, fully-funded, missionary service. Therefore, we want to provide opportunities for those who work jobs, attend school, or have a more limited capacity, to partner with fam. 


the internship process we will be about:


1) growing in biblical competency


2) Developing biblical Character


3) discovering missional calling


4) establishing healthy rhythms for missionary living


5) devotion to prayer


During the internship process you will be immersed in a discipling culture where you will learn what it means to follow Jesus in all of life. there will be weekly meetings with a mentor, required reading, and extended periods of time in the prayer room. Our hope is that every intern will learn more fully who God is and who God has called them to be. 


if you are interested in an internship with fam please fill out the application listed under the application section above.   

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