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We are excited that you are interested in joining the Frontier Alaska Mission (FAM). By filling out this application honestly and completely you are helping us identify a true picture of your current reality. Our prayer is that you will see this application process as an opportunity to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ and to better be equipped for the mission that Jesus has called you to.   

All the information given in this application is confidential and will only be read and discussed amongst the FAM leadership team.


With information on your personal background, education, experience, and finances, we will be able to gain a better understanding of who you are as a person. We ask these questions simply to get to know you better and to know how we can better serve and equip you. 

Our desire is to only take men and women who are SERIOUS about being missionaries to the unreached of Alaska and SERIOUS about becoming all that God says they are in Christ. Only committed applicants should proceed. 

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